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Quantum India Group

Quantum India Group

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Welcome to a new corporate entity, Quantum Group that intimates you to this big world of business machines. Quantum India Group prides itself on being responsible shareholders, who allows management to function independently with minimum intervention. This win-win strategy makes the Group a choice investor for many entrepreneurs looking to launch new business ideas. We are filled with the brightest minds and armed with the best information. Business came as a boon which we started from roots and have seen each and every step to climb the ladder of success.

The Group’s winning investment philosophy is simple yet effective. The business excellence has been embedded in Quantum group through processes and methodologies that enable the companies to continually improve operations and achieve the world-class marquee. Innovation — in thoughts, processes, approaches and strategies — has become a critical factor for Quantum group as they chart course for a future in a business world without boundaries. The objective is to consistently deliver breakthrough products and services to its customer.

Our investment process is driven by our investment philosophy. Clients easily grasp our process. We combine it with good results as it tricks the mind to believe that it is a better mousetrap. We believe, a company without any philosophy is destined for failure. The highly efficient market rapidly incorporates all new information.

Quantum uses its networks and experience to start up a new juncture. So right capital and expertise are deployed. This combination facilitates and enhances the rise of new ventures in future linked with Quantum.


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The Quantum India Group is a multi-dimensional portfolio of companies that operate in various business domains spanning across and soon planning to ride across. Since the stage of inception, Quantum Global has aimed to stand for uncompromising QUALITY and highest degree of INTEGRITY, in order to earn high respect, regard and trust from our revered Clients, partners and associates.

Under the dynamic leadership and due to its uncompromising stand, the Group has achieved desired results in the short period of its operations.


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